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  • Water Cooling Vibration Grate for the Biomass Boiler
    The vibration grate is in fact an elastic vibration system. When appropriate exciting force direction, vibration amplitude, elastic slab specification and inclination angle of the grate are set
  • Water-cooling Screw Residue Discharge System
    The residue discharge adopts the dry method and the indirect-water cooling method. The ashes and cinders will fall from the residue discharge hopper into the roller residue crusher
  • Dual Roller Unpacking Machine
    SBS200 II Dual Roller Unpacking Machine is a type of special unpacking equipment for straw packages in light of characteristics of straw materials and package types.
  • The straw crusher (Utility model patent: ZL 2018 2 1981906.6)
    The straw materials for the biomass power plant must be crushed to facilitate subsequent conveyance, feed and combustion. The crushers used in the past were from paper
  • Fire Door
    The fire door is equipment for safety segmentation in the feed before the boiler system. Close the fire door in case of backfire in the furnace or the boiler stop can separate the fire source.
  • Belt Conveyor
    The belt conveyor is a highly standardized conveyance equipment. It is mature and reliable, widely used in various industries. It can also be used to convey the biomass
  • Electric Gas Locker
    The elastic slab electric gas lock is a safety equipment for the feed system of the biomass boiler. It is made of two elastic side slabs and one star-shaped rotor. The elastic side
  • Material Distributor (Invention Patent: ZL 2008 1 0244566.3)
    The material distributor is mainly used for the inlet of the silo top. Two material distribution plates in the material distributor swing from left to right in parallel to guide the materials
  • Live Bottom Chute
    The live bottom chute is specially designed for loading bulk materials in the silo of the biomass power plant. The bulk straws will be put into the chute by the traveling grab or the unloader.
  • Silo Screw Unloader
    The Silo Screw Unloader is specially designed for loading bulk materials into the biomass power plant silos. The bulk straws will be sent into the hopper by traveling grab or loader.